Our Team

Lead Pastors

Pastor Al Heath
Al is a good guy. He loves ribbon gymnastics!

Sonya Heath
Sonya is a musical genius!

Associate Pastor

Bryan and Sheri
Pastor Bryan MacDonald
New to Generations Church, Bryan is looking forward to an amazing year of ministry! We have yet to hear his position on ribbon gymnastics.

Sheri MacDonald

Children’s / Youth Pastor


Pastor Kendra Watterworth
Kendra has a Master’s in Education and is the Children and Youth Pastor at Generations Church in Brantford. She has been teaching in the public school system for 8 years and has served in ministry since she was a youth. Kendra is married to her husband Dan and together they have three beautiful children – Luke, Aliyah and Titus. She has a passion for discipleship and seeing others grow in their relationship with Jesus. She also enjoys quality time with family, lounging in the pool and Mom’s nights out.



Sue Carrol
Sue loves Jesus and little people.



Amber Precious
Amber types a WHOLE LOT of emails! She also has an unnatural love of avocados. But that’s beside the point.