Core Beliefs

  • We Believe in the Bible as God’s true inspired words and “Road Map” for our lives, which we, as followers of Christ, need to read, study & relevantly apply to our lives.  This is why We Value Truth & Relevance
  • We Believe in God as Father, Son & Holy Spirit, who has always been actively involved in the history of humanity, desiring to speak to and through us. This is why We Value Prayer
  • We Believe that everyone is born with a Sin problem, but that Jesus Christ was born, lived, and died to make a way of “Salvation” & he came back to life and that one day at “The End of Time”, God will judge all people who haven’t accepted this “Salvation”. This is why Our Mission is “Till all Follow Christ”
  • We Believe in the Church, not a building, but a family, who work together as God directs, to care for the community, families, individuals, the needy & each other.  This is why We Value Relationships
  • We Believe in the Work, Fruit & Gifts of the Holy Spirit, that God is doing in us, as followers of Christ, to make us more like Jesus, and to empower us to Serve Others.  This is why We Value Service

We are associated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and Western Ontario District of the PAOC